Herpes Symptoms, Causes and Herpes Cure

11/24/2015 17:25
Herpes simplex virus is the main cause of herpes disease which usually cause cold sore, painful blister and watery lesion around the infected area. Herpes simplex virus 1 causes oral herpes and herpes simplex virus 2 causes genital herpes. Both kind of herpes are very contagious and easily spread through direct exposure to this virus. 
As far as the mild herpes are concern, Symptoms might be asymptomatic or very mild as  patient don’t able to recognize that they are suffering from herpes or not. This is the biggest threat for every person as they can’t able to recognize that someone has herpes or not. Despite the mild symptoms of herpes you can get symptoms of this like mild watery lesion, blister and cold sore around the infected area. Muscle pain, itching and burning around the genital and oral area. 
As earlier said that the mild symptoms or asymptomatic of herpes can be biggest threat. Anyone can easily catch this virus by normal exposure to herpes simplex virus. Herpes simplex virus generally spread through sexually transmission of herpes simplex virus. But the virus can also be spread by other form of transmission. Infected stuff such as towel, utensils, razor and toothbrush can easily infect person. 
As very mild symptoms of herpes it is very hard to recognize that someone have herpes or not. So the best way to diagnose herpes illness is to go for some clinical test. Some tests such as viral culture test, blood test and PCR test can help to diagnose the herpes illness.
Due to mild symptoms of herpes most people do not able to recognize herpes illness. When the disease gradually develops the disease causes severe attack. You will have to aware all the aspects of herpes illness. If you have all the information about herpes illness you can better recognize the herpes virus.
As we know that the herpes simplex is a chronic illness hence can’t be cured but some treatments are available that helps to reduce the severity of herpes symptoms.
1. Acyclovir: Acyclovir is an antiviral drug that helps to ease the pain and also decrease the severity of symptoms.
2. Val-acyclovir: It is also a type of drug that helps to relieve the pain.
3. Famciclovir: it is the very same category of drug like acyclovir and val-acyclovir
4. Valtrex can also be used to treat herpes illness.
Ointment and creams are also help to decrease the severity of herpes symptoms. Using ice packs, lysine, olive oil, zinc and vitamin c are the effective way to treat the herpes virus.


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